The Technology

greenstone-panelThe Greenstone technology utilizes galvanized steel and EPS to achieve a composite panel for exterior, interior and below grade walls, interior partitions, floors, and roofs. The panel can also be used for high-rise in-fill applications. Greenstone is approved for residential, commercial and industrial applications.

The Greenstone Structural Panel offers design flexibility for nearly any layout and aesthetic look desired by the Architect, Engineer and Owner.

The Greenstone Solution is a unique patented process utilizing the power of composite technology. Greenstone panels start with opposing double steel frames which are bonded with Expanded Polystyrene (EPS). The manufacturing process results in a thermally broken light weight building product that provides structural framing, insulation, and a vapor barrier in one. Panels are seamlessly assembled on site in four foot sections. Rough openings for doors and windows are framed during the manufacturing process. Each Greenstone building is designed in-house for your project.

Greenstone panels are manufactured in a controlled factory process. Each panel is inspected, measured and labelled. This assures quality control along with third party inspection services and compliance with building codes.

Some projects/regions have additional requirements for high wind load, heavy snow loads, high seismic activity, or any combination of these. Greenstone panels can be engineered to meet these additional requirements effectively.

Greenstone has be the primary structural system in over 70,000 projects around the world in the past 30 years. The technology has been approved for use in all climatic regions.


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