The Greenstone Panel offers incomparable insulating benefits. The continuous expanded polystyrene core eliminates the thermal connection common in wood and steel stud framing. The dual light gauge steel frames are never within direct contact, providing a complete thermal break across the assembly. EPS has inherently low permeability properties (water/vapour resistance). Moisture presence will not represent a significant reduction the R-Values or thermal performance.

Your building envelope integrity relies on your contractor with conventional construction framing. The Greenstone composite technology lets Owners take the most important part of their building into their own hands.

The Greenstone Structural Panel can be used to exceed building and energy code requirements in a variety of unique and interchangeable assemblies. The following information outlines the thermal performance of the Greenstone Panels in a finished wall assembly.

Greenstone Panel Building Assemblies


Greenstone’s Stated R-Values and Effective Insulating Values are taken from Thermasteel Corp evaluations, derived from an earlier panel iteration. All other material R-Values are approximate and based on industry norms. Specific R-Values will vary by specific manufacturers. All assemblies are examples and not meant to reflect suggested assemblies from Greenstone Structural Solutions or other product manufacturers. ASTM C578 values are provided by expanded polystyrene manufacturers with tests conducted on unmodified material. All total values are approximate. Greenstone Structural Solutions cannot guarantee that all assemblies will hold specific R-Values outlined due to material differences in manufactured product.