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Healthier Homes, Healthier Planet.

Build with Greenstone.

There are many advantages to building your home with the Greenstone Structural Insulated Panel. When compared side-by-side to the traditional wood-framed homes, the differences are quite noticeable. Not only will you save money over the course of time, but you will also be providing your family with a healthier, more efficient home.

HOMES by Greenstone Comparison Diagram


Other Benefits to HOMES by Greenstone..


HOMES by Greenstone - No Pests
Doesn’t provide material contributing to mould, mildew or wood burrowing pests.


HOMES by Greenstone - Engineer Approved
Your investment is protected with an engineer’s stamp of approval.


HOMES by Greenstone - Eco-Friendly

A typical bungalow uses lumber from 200 trees. Greenstone Panels use the steel from 2 recycled cars.


HOMES by Greenstone - Recycled MaterialExpanded Polystyrene (EPS) is over 90% encapsulated air and can be recycled by reusing it in new panels.


HOMES by Greenstone - Complete Building EnvelopeOur complete building envelope seal is the most important step in achieving a Net-Zero home.


HOMES by Greenstone - Faster Build TimesBuilding envelopes are completed up to 75% faster than traditional wood-framed buildings.


HOMES by Greenstone - Top 3 Reasons to Build with Greenstone

Top 3 Reasons to Build with Greenstone - Energy Savings

Top 3 Reasons to Build with Greenstone - Healthier Homes

Greenstone Panels do not release airborne chemicals or particles, providing healthy air quality and more comfortable homes.

Top 3 Reasons to Build with Greenstone - Longer Life Span

Greenstone Panels have twice the life span of traditional wood-framed homes. Unlike fiberglass insulation which loses it’s R-Value over time, Greenstone Panel R-Values remain constant over the life span of the home.

Taking a Closer Look

Greenstone Vs. Traditional Wood Framing

Thermal Break: With Greenstone panels, consistent R-values are achieved across the entire building envelope. There are no structural elements that bridge hot or cold exterior temperatures into your home.

Thermal Bridge: With traditional wood stud construction, the R-value is significantly lower at every stud location. Each stud is bridging hot or cold exterior temperatures into your home, dramatically decreasing the effective R-value.

HOMES by Greenstone - Greenstone VS. Traditional Wood-Framing

Designing for

Your Home

With almost four times the energy savings, a Greenstone home is not only efficient, it is easily installed. Your Greenstone home can be completed with any type of finish available on the market. There are no extra steps required to install drywall, shingles, stucco, brick, siding, etc.

HOMES by Greenstone - Designing for your Home

To find out how to get your project started, or for more information on the Greenstone Building System, contact us today!